Group Online Language Training

6o min lessons online

Looking to motivate your employees and give them the confidence to develop a second language? Or just a group of friends wanting to learn together? Or wanting to meet like-minded people? Our group online language training is your solution. 

Levels - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

We cover all types of learners, from total beginners to experts wishing to hone specific skills for a niche need.

Sessions from Mon-Fri

Company classes

Why company classes?

Be global
Get talking to give your teams self-confidence in interactions with colleagues, customers and suppliers. AI translation tools are not enough. International teams work better together when they speak each others language
More motivated personel
Everyone likes learning, right? So give your team the chance to develop their skills. So why not choose an employee benefit that staff will really find useful.
Online language gym
Make the time to do the class, when you can, little and often or regular chunks-stretch, strengthen and build your linguistic reflexes and verbal agility in sessions designed to make you sweat!

How does it work?

Small class sizes

Online group language training is from 3 to 8 participants in order to optimize every student’s learning.

Easy scheduling

Our bespoke Learncube virtual classroom makes scheduling easy for everyone. Join classes on whatever device (desktop / mobile) . View past class material, including option to download materials to learn at your own pace.

Personalised learner login to track progress and practice in between sessions.

Choose a package

Choose a plan that is right for you. We work with credits meaning you can buy 1-24 credits for your team which they can use whenever they want. 

Contact us for pricing. 


Group of individuals

Join a community of learners.
In pairs, or small groups-with people you know or people you’d like to get to know, try group classes. Giving you instant access to similar people on a similar journey. Learn together.
Price from £12 per class

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What Our Students Say

Mike gives us plenty of suggestions on how we can make the most of the language classes for our team of remote employees. He’s been working with Onfido to deliver French & English lessons for over 3 years now and I hope we’ll be working with Mike for many more years to come!


Head of HR – Onfido 

Ruth has a natural enthusiasm for teaching and an excellent ability to communicate with people. She has helped our employees speak Spanish with confidence and gusto. Muchas gracias, Ruth! 

Sule - CEO Community Matters