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You have zero prior experience of learning French. You are motivated to learn basic rules of pronunciation, fundamentals of basic expressions and foundations of Grammar, especially rules of politeness (“tu” versus “vous”) as well as useful everyday expressions (ça coute combien?, Je voudrais un café au lait etc)


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Say basic things about yourself, and understand simple French and some grammar.
  • Order food and talk about yourself and other people
  • You will NOT be able to understand a native speaker when they talk fast, or the waiter when they ask you how exactly you want your steak sandwich,  but you have learned the basics of the language. Allons-y!



Faux débutant


You’ve studied some French before (maybe in school), but you forgot most of it. Maybe you remember some French grammar at the back of your mind but you need a refresh! You want to be able to say basic things in French for a trip to France, or impress your friend who is French.


By the end of this course, you will be able to :

  • understand what others say about themselves
  • ask others about themselves
  • order food and drinks in a café
  • recognise common French sounds


Understand modern Spoken French


You’re at an intermediate level (higher end of A2 – B1 on the CEFR scale).

You understand basic French grammar, know your verb conjugations etc… Maybe you even try out your French with a French native at work, or while on holiday in France.

However, you would like to learn the “real” modern spoken French language: not slang French, but the way everybody speaks in a relaxed, casual environment.


You will overcome the intermediate plateau and be more confident in speaking French and understanding more fast-paced conversations. Youre ready to take the next step to sound more natural sounding and less like the French you learned at school!

Some topics covered in A2/B1 course:

  • Les francais et le travail
  • La cuisine et l’alimentation
  • Réactions et interactions quotidiennes
  • Fixer des rendez-vous
  • Comprension orale – micro-listenings

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Online course teacher of English, specializing in Business English,  Mike has worked with several companies over the past 5 years  helping to give employees greater confidence in expressing themselves in a second language.  He also teaches French and Spanish and has C1 proficiency in both. He is an online course creator with over 4,000 students enrolled on his courses.