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Whether you are working in English and a confident speaker already who would like to work on specific areas like pronunciation or report-writing, if you are looking to make more of an impact in an English speaking workplace or if you need help in preparing for an exam, we have the right course for you!

English for the workplace


You are either using English at work or considering a role at an organisation where English is spoken. You would like to feel more confident expressing yourself in meetings (on Zoom and in-company), networking with clients and colleagues, and sound more natural in speaking English. Develop your communication skills in this Business focused course.


You will learn the key language used in the workplace, from small-talk with colleagues to client facing situations and common discourse markers (turn-taking / interrupting / active listening). You will learn to negotiate, persuade, and describe processes and systems. And to pronounce English with greater accuracy. Above all, you will feel more confident in taking part in workplace conversations and meetings, through practical real-life scenarios.

Improve your fluency


You want to improve your everyday spoken English by learning together with friends or colleagues. You want to sound more fluent and confident when speaking and writing English.


You will learn to communicate more effectively, using chunks of language which will help you to learn faster and sound more natural. You will learn key differences between spoken and written English and why this is important in your journey to becoming more confident.

Exam preparation

Need an English score for a UK/US visa, University entrance or professional purposes?

We run courses for IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge Exams

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We do what we love, you’ll feel that, see that and that’s what everyone says about us. That’s where the quality comes from: we use the best online platform, we weave our own experiences as learners into all our materials. This is where we make the difference: we’re all excited by what we’re doing; all the time! 




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Teacher and founder

Mike Dewar

Online course teacher of English, specializing in Business English,  Mike has worked with several companies over the past 5 years  helping to give employees greater confidence in expressing themselves in a second language.  He also teaches French and Spanish and has C1 proficiency in both. He is an online course creator with over 4,000 students enrolled on his courses.